Bob's Aircraft Documentation is now operated in Ohio by David & Janet Houk. David is a Product Design Engineer and an aircraft pilot, mechanic, and inspector. He has been modeling for 52 years, 42 in RC, and you have seen him in the Toledo booth for the last 20 years. His lovely wife Janet is the office manager and has shared life experiences with David for 40 years.

Bob's Aircraft Documentation is the world's largest commercial collection of color photos and 3-view line drawings of Civilian, Fighters WWI and WWII, Multi-engine, Jets, Aerobatic, Racing,Sailplanes, Helicopters, etc. The collection includes 8,200 different Foto-Paaks [almost 500,000 photos] and 50,000 pages of 3-view line drawings and information.

Bob's Aircraft Documentation has been in business since 1983 and is essentially 100% inventoried at all times, which allows for fast service on your orders.

The FOTO-PAAKS [studies] are full-color 4"X 6" picture taken with
modeler/restorer in mind, to show details like paint scheme, markings, instruments, landing gear, etc. the FOTO-PAAKS are sold on a satisfaction guaranteed basis, and because of the large inventory, orders are usually mailed within 48 hours.

The 3-view line drawings are copies gleaned from modeling and full size aircraft magazines and other sources, and assist the modeler/restorer in completing their documentation. Again, these are 100% inventoried for fast service.

In the catalog/resource guide you will find different FOTO-PAAKS listed for approximately:

280 -pre 1920 airplanes
210 -seaplanes
710 -multi-engine aircraft
335 -sailplanes
650 -jets, military and commercial
4,000- civilian aircraft

350 -helicopters
1,600-WWII fighters and trainers
615 -aerobatic performers
200 - racing aircraft
120 - aircraft engines and miscellaneous related items

For example, the catalog/guide includes FOTO-PAAKS of:
240 P-51 Mustangs
40 -Beech Staggerwings

50 -F4Corsairs,[Vought]
35 -Dehavilland Tigermoths
35 -Beech c-45/ D-18's
30 -Monocoupes
115 -Pitts S-1 thru S11-1
72 -Extra's 200 thru 330
40 -Lockheed T-33's
35 -Curtiss P-40's
200 -AT-6/SNJ/Harvard's

28- Lockheed P-38's
30 -Supermarine Spitfires
50 -Sukhoi's 26/m/mx 29/ 31
55 -J-3 Cubs,[Piper]
31 -P-47 Thunderbolts [Republic]
325 Cessna's [all models]
15 -Curtiss Jenny's
50 -DC-3/ C-47 [Douglas]
45 -F-86 Sabre Jets, [N.A.]
50 -B-25 Mitchell, [N.A.]
100 -Wacos
100 -Stearmans

Bob's Aircraft Documentation is run from his home office. The best times to call is between 7:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. Eastern Time. We accepts all major credit cards with a $20.00 minimum order. We do not accept checks made to "Scale Model Research". The order form is on a secure server.

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