Kili Row - RuneScape Guide (2024)

Collect set of Necromancer robes (hood, top, bottoms, gloves, boots) from Sostratus.

Access to the lesser, regular, and greater ensoul material rituals; Ability to upgrade Death skull and Death warden equipment to tier 20; Ability to learn further equipment upgrades from Kili

City of Um's Smithy.

Talk to Kili.

  1. Talk to Kili in her blacksmith shop on the East side of Um. She will tell you that she can teach you how to upgrade it. Accept the quest and follow the dialog. She will give you Kili's tools and tell you to perform an Ensouling ritual on them.

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  2. Make your way to the ritual site. Use your inks to make 2 "Elemental I" glyphs (3 Basic ghostly ink each) and 1 "Change I" glyph (1 Basic ghostly ink and 2 Regular ghostly ink). Make sure you have a Basic ritual candle set up on each lighting spot (4 total), then place Kili's tools on the pedestal as the focus, choosing the "Ensoul Material" ritual. When it's finished, search the ritual chest to obtain Kili's tools (ensouled) and 3 Ectoplasm.

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  3. Return to Kili and talk to her to give her the ensouled tools. She will give you a Soul urn. She needs you to fill it. For this you have 2 options: kill 5 Chickens with Necromancy while carrying it or complete a Lesser Communion ritual while carrying it.

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      If you plan to kill Chickens for this step, you can do this at any location with Chickens. We recommend the ones just North of the Taverley lodestone. Note that the Undead Chickens West of Port Phasmatys will NOT work!

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      If you plan to perform another lesser communion ritual, then you will need 8 more Basic ghostly ink. Make sure you still have at least 1 "Elemental I" glyph and add 2 "Commune I" glyphs (4 Basic ghostly ink), then place an appropriate focus(Bones) on the pedestal and select the Lesser communion ritual.

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    Once you have completed your task, the Soul urn will be full.
  4. Return to Kili and talk to her. She will take the Soul urn from you and teach you how to upgrade your equipment. After some chatter, the quest will complete.

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Congratulations, Quest Complete!

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Post Quest (Kili's Tasks):

Once you have completed the above quest, you will be able to upgrade your Necromancy gear to tier 20. Every successive tier after that, you will need to complete a task list from Kili before she will teach you how to upgrade your gear (armor and weapons) farther.

Tiers 20 through tier 60 are all Tank based gear. At tier 70 you are able to make a choice between learning the Power or Tank upgrade once you have completed The Spirit of War quest. Tank gear is referred to as Deathwarden while Power is Deathdealer and your weaponry does not change, beyond the tier, regardless of which route you choose to take.

Note that you can learn BOTH routes, however, you will need to complete each task list before you can learn the respective upgrade and gear that has been upgraded as t70 tank CANNOT be upgraded to t80 Power or vice versa. Generally speaking, it is recommended to learn the upper level Tank gear first as it can be used to help acquire the items needed to learn the Power gear which is generally more difficult to get. It is also worth noting that you are not required to make the gear set before you are able to complete another task list and that gear tier 20 or higher can be purchased and worn as long as you have completed the respective task list.


You CANNOT boost your level to access the next tier task list. Always be sure to complete the dialogue with Kili when receiving a new Equipment upgrade task list as failure to do so can impact your ability to receive the monster drops. It is not possible to partially complete a task, you hand in all or nothing.

Tier/Necromancy LevelTasks
  • 25 Troll souls OR 3 Lesser Communion rituals
  • Meat pie
  • 50 Undead souls OR 5 Lesser Communion rituals
  • Apple pie
  • Necromancer's flippers
  • 75 Demon souls OR 10 Lesser Communion rituals
  • Garden pie
  • Ankou residue
  • 50 souls from monsters level 70+ OR 10 Greater Communion rituals
  • Fish pie
  • United Barrows necroplasm
  • 100 Dragon souls OR 20 Greater Communion rituals
  • 5 Hideous moleskin
  • 5 Royal chitin
  • Redberry pie
  • Spiritbound hammer (charged)
  • 150 Slayer assignment souls OR 30 Greater Communion rituals
  • 5 Zaryte fragments
  • 5 Tortured soul essence
  • Blueberry pie
  • 10 Powered necromantic seal of the Cywir
  • 10 Powered necromantic seal of the Dragon Riders
  • 10 Powered necromantic seal of the Faceless
  • 10 Powered necromantic seal of the Furies
  • Pulsating onyx
  • 1 soul from completing a Soul Reaper task OR 50 Powerful Communion rituals
  • Fragment of anima
  • Ulthven necroplasm
  • Venomous greater ensouled cloth

Note that the completion of EACH task list will complete an associated achievement as will creating each one of the associated gear sets at least once.

Kili Row - RuneScape Guide (2024)
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